Agroecology Incubator Center Blue School Natural science and Arts Media Medicine Transformation & Innovation Recycling
Agroecology center


Feeding people with quality food (organic), traceable so consumers are not defiant of agriculture and agro business, distributors and civil representatives.

 27 September, 2018

Incubator Center

Technological innovation in the fields of low and high tech in natural food and natural health that encompass both ways to cultivate fruit & vegetable and animals.

 27 September, 2018
Blue School

Blue School

Studying in a natural setting to improve children’s intellectual and emotional development.

 27 September, 2018
Art Center

Natural science and Arts

  • Contemporary art has become a multifaceted language that connects the global world and numerous subjects related to economics, ecology, religion, identity and roots and reveals modernity.
 27 September, 2018
Media Medicine Center

Media Medicine

Innovative center that promotes self-understanding of personal needs in order to achieve a higher level of well-being and health.

 27 September, 2018
Recycling Center

Transformation & Innovation Recycling

Promote skills and innovation to recycle all that is being found on the shore, produced within the border of Alentejo and not valued accordingly.

 27 September, 2018
Conference Center


Address topics of global importance related to environment and social challenges (in particular, the threat of ecosystems), pollution, food, health and mobility in places that speak for themselves.

 27 September, 2018