"É nossa missão criar um ecossistema exemplar onde a economia e a ecologia se unem de forma a preservar o território e a população"
Louis-Albert de Broglie

Comporta sale & Comporta project

Louis Albert de Broglie, the mentor of the Comporta Utopia association and one of the candidates for the purchase of part of the real estate assets of Herdade da Comporta, explains what is at stake in this process.
Louis-Albert de Broglie nos arrozais da Comporta

Comporta Utopia: a sustainable project

Louis Albert de Broglie, mentor of the association and project Comporta Utopia, explains why this is a region that must be preserved.

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The Comporta region faces the real and imminent danger of being destroyed by a series of institutional acts.
Foto Vídeo_Whats Comporta Utopia About

Comporta Utopia: 7 innovative centers

Comporta Utopia is a project that combines the preservation of natural and human, cultural and artistic ecosystems to benefit the territory, through an economic engine sustained in ecology.

Louis-Albert de Broglie at TEDx Talks

Comporta Utopia's mentor Louis-Albert de Broglie explains the scientific, economic and social results of the "Fermes d'Avenir", in order to understand if this model can be replicated and hence serve the multiple purpose of changing the global paradigm.