"É nossa missão criar um ecossistema exemplar onde a economia e a ecologia se unem de forma a preservar o território e a população"


Herdade da Comporta is a property of Rioforte (former Espírito Santo Group). It has about 12,500 hectares of rice fields, vineyards, forests, pine forests and beaches, with some lands included in the Natura 2000 Network. The Natura 2000 Network is a set of areas classified by the European Union for the conservation of biodiversity.


The territory of Comporta is integrated into three nature reserves, classified and protected at a national level:

  • Sado Estuary Natural Reserve
  • National Ecological Reserve (REN)
  • National Agricultural Reserve (RAN)

The total area of ​​the two areas of tourist development is around 1400 hectares and the total volume of licensed construction is about 650,000 square meters.



As of public knowledge, a significant portion of Comporta’s territory is being sold. This was due to the bankruptcy of the Espírito Santo Group (GES) and in the context of the financial resolution of associated companies.

The Fund holds 1,180 hectares, where two tourism projects were initiated by GES and suspended after the collapse of Banco Espírito Santo (BES). Those projects are now being sold.

According to the initial plan of the HdC fund, there are two areas of tourism development (ADT) for sale:

  • Comporta Dunes (ADT3 – NDT Carvalhal): 1011 Ha (551 Ha subject to development), east of Praia do Pego
  • Comporta Links (ADT2): 365 Ha, between Comporta Village and the Tower
  • Other land: 4 ha, between Lagoas and Possanco

The urban planning authorized by the municipalities of Grândola and Alcácer do Sal allows very high construction in 639,000 m² (349,000 m² for Dunes and 289,000 m² for Links).





  • Proposes a low urban density

The fundamental principle of Comporta Utopia is to allow the creation of an autonomous and resilient economy in this territory, anchored in an ecological and social approach that responds to the critical issues of the present and the future.

Our offer Comporta Utopia, led by the company Victor Broglie, in consortium with the GAC and the BCC Group, presents a tourism development project based on a model of low urban density focused on the environmental and social demands and in the fight against speculative construction.

The Comporta Utopia project will not use all the built-up area, authorized by the municipal authorities, as this would have a huge impact on the integrity of the territory, however, in the case of Comporta Dunes, it will have to assume the infrastructure already built.

Comporta Utopia advocates a development from the production of low carbon. It will not go forward with more roads in order to protect the natural ecosystem.

And it plans to allocate construction plans to local companies in order to ensure a broadly sustainable project.


  • Brings a new economy based on seven centers for sustainable development

In line with global challenges in terms of agriculture, food and health, the 7 centers proposed by Comporta Utopia, focused on the sustainable development of the territory, will capitalize on new opportunities, create a ceaseless activity during the 365 days of the year, optimize job creation and reinforce the identity of the territory, in order to make Comporta a world example of ecological economy.

Comporta Utopia proposes to create in Comporta a paradigmatic model in respect for the biodiversity and richness of the ecosystems that can be replicated to other regions.


  • Meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The seven centers also aim to meet the United Nations’ 17 sustainable development goals (ODS).