"É nossa missão criar um ecossistema exemplar onde a economia e a ecologia se unem de forma a preservar o território e a população"

Our objective is to promote a new model of urban planning that serves as an example of how there can be a proactive and intelligent orientation in Portugal in terms of environmental, social and cultural solutions to respond to the challenges and urgencies of a future in which the majority of the population will reside in cities and the function of rural spaces will be radically different from the Past.

We believe that this model can and should become a reality in Comporta and, therefore, serve as an example for the rest of the country.

Such goal is urgent. The Comporta region faces today the real danger of being destroyed by institutional acts that, although presented as a succession of legal and business decisions subsequent to the insolvency of BES and the necessary debt management of 120 million euros to Caixa Geral de Depósitos, nonetheless cease to have impacts far beyond the financial sphere.

Comporta’s problem consists of legal authorizations to build about 650,000 square meters of buildings on 1,000 hectares of absolutely special dune area with endemic trees and shrubs and podzes with high interest for the conservation of nature and landscape.

This Association will act on the basis of an imperative of public interest, using all the prerogatives granted by the Law to the Civil Society and Non-Governmental Organizations, so that Comporta will be sold only to those who present the tourism development project that best respects the exceptional value of the territory in question, namely ensuring the environmental sustainability of long-term uses and substantially reducing the authorized constructional load.

We will take our responsibility to make the voice of science and conscience heard in juridical and socioeconomic situations that constitute the risk of misuse, over-bidding, over-spending, over-constructing, over-exploitation, aggression or destruction of this unique wonder of nature in Portugal and Europe. This responsibility shall be ensured for an indefinite period and in a perspective of permanent interest in relation to Comporta’s destinations.

We are working to come to an amicable agreement among investors, debtors, to rally public support, citizens, NGOs, companies, and insist on a new shared structure of participation among its key players where at the heart of this key development lies an intrinsic protection for this extraordinary, fragile and diverse system of ecological richness and splendour.

We are committed to bring to the public sphere the debate on the future of this region, giving civil society its right in matters of extreme importance as it is the case of territorial planning at this scale.

In order to better express and discuss the concrete understanding of the optimal uses for this area, the Association calls itself the task of analyzing and discussing the proposals and plans that explain the zonings, functions and conditions most appropriate to its vision ecological and sociological for this territory.

The Association makes the permaculture saying “The problem is the solutionits motto and wants to put an end to the four year legal and financial battle that will never profit the local inhabitants of this part of Alentejo. Our goal is to pursue a project that will serve them and show Portugal and Europe what this country can offer in terms of environmental, social and cultural solutions to respond to today’s world challenges.