"É nossa missão criar um ecossistema exemplar onde a economia e a ecologia se unem de forma a preservar o território e a população"
Louis-Albert de Broglie

Louis-Albert, prince gardener with big dreams for Comporta

The French prince Louis-Albert de Broglie is known as the Prince Gardener, nickname that comes from the time when Louis-Albert began a tomato plantation in France. Since then, he has moved to Portugal, fell in love with Comporta and wants to preserve at all costs an area that, according to him, has all the potential to be a kind of Green Silicon Valley of the Alentejo.

 20 September, 2018
Stilts in Carrasqueiro

There is no “public interest” that justifies construction in Comporta

Zero and Transparency and Integrity identify the reasons for not selling Herdade da Comporta and criticizing decisions that only benefited private interests.

 17 September, 2018
Comporta air view

Five reasons not to sell Comporta, according to ZERO association

“ZERO” and “Transparência e Integridade” associations argue that the current territorial planning requirements for Comporta “are not compatible with speculative real estate projects that do not respect European law”. The Associations refer to the sale of Comporta, stating five reasons for not moving forward with the business.

 17 September, 2018
Jornal Economico article

Association Comporta Utopia founded

The Comporta.Utopia association was founded by Louis Albert de Broglie (who is one of the stakeholders in the purchase of Comporta assets) and was chaired by Pedro Bingre do Amaral “which will constitute a relevant stakeholder in the sale process and, sequence, in the development process of what will be built in Comporta”, says the association in a statement.

 31 August, 2018
Photo article Expresso

French aristocrat launches civic movement for sale of Comporta

Louis-Albert de Broglie is at the origin of the new association to ensure that Comporta will not destroy environmental values, and that it involved a petition to the President of the Republic

 30 August, 2018
Luisa Schmidt

Behave yourselves!

Comporta will be sold and this is not a business like any other. What is being sold is a portion of the property that the whole country paid through the bankruptcy of BES. So we’re the ones who are selling Comporta.

Luisa Schmidt, Sociologist and member of the National Council for Environment and Sustainable Development*

 29 August, 2018