"É nossa missão criar um ecossistema exemplar onde a economia e a ecologia se unem de forma a preservar o território e a população"
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French aristocrat launches civic movement

Louis-Albert de Broglie is at the origin of the new association to ensure that Comporta will not destroy environmental values, and that it involved a petition to the President of the Republic

Text by Conceição Antunes

Photo article ExpressoThe association Comporta Utopia – Association for the Sustainability of Comporta was set up this Thursday, which proposes to play an active role in the process of sale and development that will be made at Herdade da Comporta, to ensure that the values ​​are respected ecological “in the national interest and long term for the territory”. This association has also created a public petition for this purpose, which has already been sent to the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

The civil association was mobilized by Louis-Albert de Broglie, the French aristocrat who submitted one of three proposals for the purchase of Comporta before the process been postponed by Gesfimo. Its proposal foresees the development of only 16% of the 650,000 square meters of construction approved in Comporta, given the “fragility of the eco-systems of the territory” and the creation of eight qualification centers to boost the local economy, dedicated to organic farming , incubation of startups, recycling, art, schools or conferences.

It is this vision of Louis-Albert de Broglie for Comporta that the association wants to see assured on the ground, regardless of the decision that will be made in terms of sale. Lobbying to ensure that the winning project at Comporta respects the low density construction goals, along with the creation of savings and jobs for the population, is the main objective, also complemented by the public petition now sent to Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

“The sale of Comporta is not a matter for investors alone, but for all the Portuguese”
Louis-Albert de Broglie

Assuming itself as a relevant stakeholder in the Comporta sales operation, the Comporta Utopia association wants to be present at all stages of the process, and to disclose regular information on all the steps that may be taken to keep the public informed .

The association is chaired by university professor Pedro Bingre do Amaral, and is open to anyone interested in seeing in Comporta “a project that respects the singularity and value of the region.” The association’s website will be online as of Friday, August 31.

“I support this project because it has very healthy and innovative characteristics, it is a very strong example of urban quality and involves a remarkable paradigm shift in Portugal,” says Pedro Bingre do Amaral, a professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra and who chairs the association Comporta .Utopia. “It is the first project of this magnitude that I have known in Portugal since the post-war period – and with this long-term vision, wanting to reduce construction rates rather than increase them and not involve dense construction at the seashore.”

The association that happens to preside has the mission of “to take to the public discussion a project in which the civil society has to participate, and to be informed of rigorously about what is happening”, maintains the university professor, stressing that the sale of Comporta “is not only a matter for investors but for all the Portuguese, a project of this size can not be summarized as accounting balances or as a meeting of creditors.” Pedro Bingre do Amaral believes that he believes in the vision of Louis-Albert de Broglie “that has a curriculum of decades and with evidence given to mark a healthy paradigm shift in a project of this magnitude in Portugal.”

It is recalled that the sale of Comporta has been troublesome, and on July 27, the date that was stipulated to decide who was the buyer, Gesfimo postponed the process giving the competitors a new deadline for submission of proposals until September 20 , and requiring them to waive their right to contest any decision.

In addition to Louis-Albert de Broglie, which competes with Global Asset Capital (GAC) and the Bonmont group, the consortiums of British entrepreneurs Mark Holyoake and Anton Bilton with Portugal’s Portugália are also in this race, as well as the partnership between Paula Amorim and French millionaire Claude Berda.

“It is a mistake for Comporta to go in the opposite direction of what sustainable development should be, for the benefit of people and the territory,” Louis-Albert de Broglie defended the Expresso in July when the sale process was in the offing. to be suspended), emphasizing that he was ready to beat himself so as not to see “the Comporta destroyed”.

Article published in the Expresso on August 30, 2018