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French ‘Prince’ offers € 159 million for Comporta

Louis-Albert de Broglie moved up the parade to acquire the estate of the former Espírito Santo group and his proposal became the highest among the three offers, which also include Paula Amorim’s consortium with Claude Berda and Oakvest’s to Portugália

Article by Conceição Antunes

photo article Louis-AlbertThe French aristocrat Louis-Albert de Broglie sent a letter to Gesfimo, a company that is managing the sale of Herdade da Comporta, reiterating its proposal to acquire the property, offering for the same € 159 million – and justifying the variable components that allow to raise its initial proposal, totaling € 115 million. The deadline set by Gesfimo to vote on the proposals is July 27.

The offer of Louis-Albert de Broglie, who initially received little attention, is thus the highest among the three offers that are at the table to buy the Herdade da Comporta. The proposal put forward by Oakvest (of Mark Holyoake) with Portugália amounts to € 155.9 million (€ 36.5 million in cash plus € 119.4 with Comporta’s debt to CGD), and the offer presented by the consortium of French millionaire Claude Berda with Paula Amorim was € 147.4 million, but according to the consortium the overall value of its proposal amounts to € 156.4 million, including other real estate loans.

In the letter sent to Gesfimo on Monday, to which the Expresso had access, Louis-Albert de Broglie clarifies that his initial proposal sent May 4 for the purchase of Comporta also had a “variable component”, involving an increase in € 40 million. And he stresses that in addition to having the best financial proposal, the development project for Comporta of its consortium (composed by Victor Brogli, GAC Capital and Bonmont group) privileges, unlike competitors, “the biodiversity of the landscape, permanent and well-paid jobs that will develop the region “and serve” the local economy, “as well as proposing to create a foundation to support local projects.

The race for the purchase of Comporta has been at this time to be fiercely contested, and earlier this month Gesfimo had chosen as a favorite the proposal of Oakvest with Portugália, according to the report by Expresso, and decided not to consider the others two offers, which gave rise to some dispute. It also led the New Bank to make a relevant change to the meeting that will take place on July 27, in order to vote on all proposals submitted for the purchase of Comporta, and not just the one selected by Gesfimo.

When raising the bar to € 159 million, Louis-Albert de Broglie wants his proposal, which was not being considered by Gesfimo to have the lowest value, become the favorite to buy Comporta.

The letter now sent to Gesfimo by Louis-Albert de Broglie makes the following comparison between the three offers that are at the table for purchase of Comporta:

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Organic farming, eco-farms, startups and museums instead of concrete

The French aristocrat – son of the Duke de Broglie, who was the minister of President Charles de Gaulle – is committed to developing Comporta with a project based on organic farming and “to generate economy and work for people living in this territory.” In this plan for Comporta, it has the Global Assets Management (GAC) and Bonmont International Golf & Country Club as reference partners and ensures that it can bring dozens of other partners “who share interest in the future of the territories” and accompany you in other businesses you are developing internationally.

The plan for Comporta de Louis-Albert de Broglie only provides for 15% of the real estate foreseen by the group Espírito Santo, the so-called ADT (Tourist Development Areas) 2 and 3, inserted in the municipalities of Grândola and Alcácer do Sal. can give concrete punishment to the population of Comporta after the trauma with the Holy Spirit, “said the French aristocrat, who has been going to Comporta for 25 years, has a house where he plans to live permanently – and manage from then on its designated business group of Deyrolle, based in France.

The vision of Louis-Albert de Broglie is to create at Comporta seven centers dedicated to organic production, incubation of healthy eating startups, conferences, recycling or reconnective medicine, as well as a museum of contemporary art in the form of Noah’s ark and a Blue school School (whose teaching model is based on reconnection with nature). The tourist part would be integrated in these centers, and for example the reconnective medicine would have a hotel with 80 rooms “managed by one of the biggest international brands”. His development project for Comporta is called “Utopia”, which “according to Victor Hugo means the future of tomorrow” – as the French aristocrat whose career has been on the bench at BNP Paribas explains, and guarantees to be moving forward in this project with the feet grounded and “to give money”, predicting that the seven centers will generate 500 permanent jobs.

Article published on Expresso on July 23, 2018