Terra Panda

Deyrolle and Victor Broglie are the authors of an innovative green-environmental park to be born in Chengdu, Sichuan province, China.


It is a cultural, ecological and tourism park, centered on the giant panda, which will be implanted between the vast and emblematic area of ​​research and protection of giant pandas.

Based on the triptych that guides the Deyrolle (Nature-Art-Education), in an area of ​​220 hectares adjacent to the pandas park, several scientific, cultural and educational centers will be erected, interconnected and constructed from technological solutions that allow reducing to the maximum the environmental impact.

The “Terra Panda” park will thus be structured around eight poles:

  1. An innovative museum that will cross knowledge about natural sciences and arts and with an architecture inspired by “Noah’s Ark”, covered by a bamboo installation.
  2. A center of the Panda, dedicated to research on this animal species, through intellectual and artistic creations.
  3. A farm based on principles of agroecology and agroforestry systems.
  4. An alternative school that emphasizes sustainable development, autonomy and innovation.
  5. An incubator or welcoming innovation center for starups within the fields of Low and High tech in connection with food, health and well-being.
  6. A medical center reconnective (media medicine), a Wellness & Consciousness Resort.
  7. A recycling and processing center for a better understanding of the recycling process.
  8. A conference and exhibition center on the pandas and the Nature-Art-Education triptych.