Joao Carlos Mateus

João Carlos Mateus


The future is only possible with the fusion of development and sustainability. For this, it is essential to invest in knowledge and innovation, on one hand, to safeguard and preserve existing resources and, on the other hand, to promote a new ecosystem that guarantees the primordial and ancestral characteristics, learn and create exportable products, services and knowledge and of value that increase sustainable development and encourage the quality of life and the future of the planet.

We all know that Comporta brings together a set of unique features and virgin resources with very high value that must be preserved and maintained in order to ensure that it remains a unique, attractive and differentiated place.

Comporta will be sold and there are different visions for its future. The Comporta Utopia project, in my opinion, has a correct vision for its development since it allows to elevate the region while preserving and elevating its ecology.

The low level of construction aimed at an investment attraction based on the establishment of highly qualified human resources, knowledge and innovation, are the best engine for sustainable development in a territory that has everything to be a national and international reference. It is in this sense that I personally trust the Comporta Utopia project and I give my support.