Jorge Guimarães

Jorge Guimarães


In a territory dominated by dunes and where flora and fauna have managed to survive until today, the examples of traditional architecture were made from thatch and wood, given the scarcity of materials in the area. Without mud to build as it was normal in the Alentejo and without stone to erect, this is a very ephemeral type of construction that requires periodic maintenance.

This small region, bounded by fresh water and salt water, is very fragile from the environmental point of view. Here any small intervention has a huge impact. The real estate speculation under the seal of ecological tourism or any other name that is nothing more than a scam.

This type of “development” model would not only be totally inadequate and wrong but also, to be implemented in this zone, would destabilize, destroy, and create something irreversible for future generations …

Although there is legislation to “protect and shield” this region, much has to be corrected and done.

The Comporta Utopia project is exactly in line with an alternative and sustainable model whose main goal is to preserve the environmental, cultural and social values ​​of the region.

It’s a project that needs all of us!