Comporta Utopia: 7 innovative centers

Comporta Utopia: 7 innovative centers

Comporta Utopia is a project that combines the preservation of natural and human, cultural and artistic ecosystems to benefit the territory, through an economic engine sustained in ecology.

The philosophy that correlates Nature with Art and Education is the main pillar of this project.

We believe that these three axes foster the balanced development of territories in transition in a world that seeks to change paradigms to respond to the major socio-environmental and architectural challenges of today.

7 eco-tourist centers and a paradigmatic change in the way of looking and living the territory:

  • Agroecology (agroforestry and permaculture)
  • Business Incubator (startups that turn agriculture into healthy food)
  • Blue School (alternative teaching of reconnection with nature)
  • Arts and Natural Sciences (contemporary art museum in Noah’s Ark shape)
  • Media Medicine (reconnective medicine)
  • Center for Transformation, Innovation and Circular Economy
  • Conferences and Voice of the Ecosystem